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Where there’s a will, there may be a way………

Seemingly sentenced to an indeterminable incarceration in St Lucia, the break came at last on Friday afternoon when the new generator finally appeared in the boatyard! This was after we had worked furiously over the previous 3 days to make space for it. The challenge was now to fit it. The guys here are nothing but really resourceful. Using a type of farm loader, the generator was dangled at the end of a pole and the arm extended over the fence and the fuel dock to be lowered into our cockpit. Quite astonishing to see!

There was then the minor follow-up challenge of lowering it into the saloon, turning it round, taking it along into the side cabin, lifting it 2 feet, turning it 90 degrees, and moving it horizontally into the very restricted engine space. Simple I hear you think, until you realise it weighs 170 kg, or nearly 400 lbs!!!

It took 3 strong men plus me around 3 hours to do this with a scaffold pole, rope and some bits of wood! It is now in and running, and we are escaping this evening. Of course there was an essential trip to the supermarket for steak beer and ice cream, which we will hopefully demolish in the next couple of hours.

Tragic really, but we think our stock of good wine would deteriorate in the summer heat, so we need to pay it good attention before we leave………

So, having interrupted the Customs and Immigration staff’s intensive study of the World Cup, (formalities delivered in record time!), it will be goodbye to St Lucia tomorrow morning. Great to go, but the local people here are so nice when you take the time to engage with them. It is all the difference between just seeing and shopping, and having a great chat and a laugh most places you go.Image

3 comments on “Where there’s a will, there may be a way………

  1. Dan Hughes
    June 22, 2014

    Annemarie, Dan Hughes here from the Household Cavalry if you can cast your mind back to BHS days! Have been wondering how you were getting on, and finally stumbled across your website and blog this morning. Jessica and I can’t wait to have similar adventures, but not for a few years yet! Will follow with interest how you are getting on. Best Dan


    • fb425
      June 23, 2014

      Hi Dan. Great to hear from you! I’d lost your email address and was thinking that when we got back to the UK, I’d contact the Regiment to see if they could help. You must be telepathic! Loads of stories on the blog, and have also submitted to Facebook in the interests of comms. Have had a brilliant time out here, but sadly only a week to go before we come back to the UK/South Africa – but then the adventure will continue …. Regards to you all (bet the babies aren’t so little now – troublesome threes, or is it more?!). Annemarie


  2. Dan Hughes
    June 24, 2014

    Three not so little ones (6, 4 and 3), and we are all done now! Working in London still but not the same job as when you last saw me. Driving a desk mostly! Would love to catch up on all your news when you are back and if you ever have a moment, or are in London. Meanwhile will follow with great interest. Email is

    Best wishes



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