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A Fleeting Visit… and already looking to escape!

The Randy Bitch

The Randy Bitch

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The Vandal

The Comedienne

The Comedienne

After 2 months down in Johannesburg on my own, I was so looking forward to seeing Annemarie again! Heading back to the UK for a couple of weeks would allow me to catch up and get a number of things done, like the usual bits of paperwork and medical checks etc. One week in and I have yet to cross off any of the list of things!

Actually, the list has grown, and the hassle has made me look forward to heading back! The score so far includes the neighbour’s dog running into a wildlife area of deep ponds whilst out on a walk, (the Fire Brigade eventually captured the wretched animal at 10 in the evening, lighting the area with generators and spotlights), our daughter’s one dog having a hormone rush and a night out on the tiles, (2 expensive ‘morning-after’ injections later…), and then their other young dog tearing up a carpet…… Frankly we are starting to have some very uncharitable feelings towards dogs in general!    😦

Then it was the turn of the 4-wheeled miscreants. Our faithful camper van was rejected on its annual test. Lack of use has resulted in terminal ferrous oxide underwear 😦 and then for the first time ever, the Mini (on loan to daughter) threw a hissy fit and declined to start in the supermarket car park, and just to cap it all, the Audi has a slow puncture in a nearly new tyre.

Today’s final straw has been finding out our oh-so-clever computer server system has been the subject of a widespread system attack, and all our files are now being held to ransom!

And I haven’t even started on the family challenges………

Oh well, only another week to survive before escape beckons. At least we will be together this time 🙂

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