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Freebooter comes out of hibernation!


IMG_0996After our 4 month stint in Johannesburg, it was great to head back to Grenada. Travelling light it was not, such that the absence of a working lift or escalator prevented us using the London Underground, so taxi it was. That should have been easy, but it was Remembrance Day, so half of London’s streets were closed. Back and forth across London’s bridges until we got close to Victoria Station,………only to be held up by police stopping traffic for a bunch of kilted folk banging drums to be let through. It was a mighty relief to (only just) make our train!

The flight was boring, as all long flights are. Getting stiffed for twice the custom’s duty because we were one piece of paper short for the new sail we had lugged out dented our enthusiasm, but no matter, we had arrived.

The next day was tough as we started to refit all the bits we had spent 4 days in June taking off. It was made harder by waking at 04.00 (body clocks well adrift), and the 30+ degree temperature. Working in this is energy-sapping!

Do one job and make another. Fitting the bimini saw a piece of plastic fly into the distance as a result of a hand slip, tracked down to a broken pulley on the side deck. No luck at the chandlery, (4-6 weeks delivery and no doubt at a cost of the Greek GDP), so we resorted to epoxy glue until we can get the spare part brought or sent out.

Yesterday was getting the waterline raised, (yes, I know some of our less diplomatic friends  have pointed out how overweight we are), and fitting new (well-travelled) batteries. Made in Canada, but thanks to zero response from the factory, (poor service Rolls Batteries), we bought them in the UK and had them shipped out at surprisingly reasonable cost. Fitting them was hard work given that they weigh 60kg each!

Credit also needs to be given to the guys in the boatyard here. Invariably cheerful, they are so helpful and do good work. It makes the visit so much more enjoyable when everyone says good morning or passes the time of day with you.

Anyhow, most of the hard stuff having been completed in 2 gruelling days, we are looking forward to getting afloat again in 2 days time.

Postscript: After those 2 days of really hot weather, today the heavens really let loose! Heavy rain all day, flooding on the road and lakes in the boatyard, but at least it was warm water…..

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