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Do boats have an awkward streak?

imageThe first law of boats is that if anything could go wrong, it probably will…. Conspiracy theorists would have a field day/week/lifetime, given that bits that are fine one moment can turn their toes up the next.

Back in May, when we found ourselves travelling in stealth mode, it was a great excuse to get a new low energy LED replacement light fitting, ostensibly needing only a few minutes to swap over for the same make of conventional light.

As the man said at the start, ‘teo-retically it jus go strayt arn’, but he was right, ‘in teory’. Our fitting was a previous generation, so had to be removed completely, at least once the screws could be undone. Another hour and a half later, they were ready to fit the new unit, but still no light. More tests took more time before concluding the cable inside the mast had failed. Grrh! Now out of time due to our scheduled lift back into the water, we have to wait until Monday for the next instalment.

So happily afloat again at last, we anchored out in Prickly Bay. Recriminations followed shortly after when it was discovered one of the seacocks was not operating properly. Now we replaced 4 in the UK about 5 years ago, and another 3 in Portugal last year, 1 in Lanzarote (seemed to be working, but wasn’t), and 2 more a couple of days ago. The usual reason for failure tends to be lack of use, so all the seacocks were checked and greased before the relaunch. I confess there were some quiet words (please note, masterful, contained, and wearily resigned) when now one more was found not to be working! Worse, it was one of the most vital and most used, the water feed to the marine toilet……… (Task – work out how many more might contemplate mutiny).

Now with more bills to face next week, including another lift-out to replace this seacock, we could only reflect on the misfortunes of others. We had met up fleetingly with our friends James and Claire (Ocean Rainbow) on Thursday. First they had problems with their relaunch, and then their inflatable dinghy decided to come apart at the seams, literally. Perhaps they should have kept quiet about having already ordered its replacement…..

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