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A brief intro to Grenada……

DSC07350 Grenada has a more colourful background than many of the islands, so let’s start with an instant history which will help explain some current observations. (NB such brevity risks distorting facts, besides which I was always hopeless at history, so apologies if any offence has been caused).

First visited by English sailors at the start of the 17th century, ‘social development’ was initially commenced by the French around 40 years later. The indigenous Carib Indians responded to the Gallic invitation to become their slaves by the simple expedient of a mass exodus off a cliff at the North of the island. Not too long after, the English made the French hand the island over!

Leaper's Cliff

Leaper’s Cliff

It would be great to report that the English were appalled that proper counselling had not been offered to the Caribs, so responded rapidly (some 70 years later) by opening the Samaritan Great House nearby. Sadly this was just a naming coincidence…..

A few revolts later brings us to the 20th century when some proper skullduggery starts. After dispensing with the services of the then government in 1979, the coup leader, Maurice Bishop, brought in some of his new bestest friends from Cuba and set up a Marxist style of administration. Several years later, there was a backlash and he in turn was deposed, and the army then showed a certain lack of gratitude to Mo by administering a lead injection.

Hollywood was upset it could be missing out on a good film, so after all the shouting had subsided, Uncle Sam decided to invade. Working on the basis of better late than never, and to make up for the unmentionable Bay of Pigs fiasco, they were then able to claim that they had prevented a Commie takeover of the Caribbean……

So why is this worthy of any mention?

Well for a start, there seems a determined effort to ensure the Yanks do not get such an easy ride next time! All the island’s signposts seem to have been removed (except in St George’s). Either you use a local driver, or you get brave! Navigation is real basic with minimal maps and fewer clues, but even so we managed a drive round the island……

(Sorry to our American friends, but it was too good an opportunity to miss 🙂 )


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