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A super-washed Barracuda!

A super-washed Barracuda!

The line was trailed astern on the way back to St Lucia……and nothing happened. Then a twitch on the line and the scream of the reel, astonishingly when we doing 9-10 knots! After slowing down, a seriously p***ed-off (modest sized) barracuda made our acquaintance at the transom. The intrepid fisherfolk, Annemarie and Rich (son-in-law), were wary of braving the array of teeth while we were well-heeled over, and as we were close to the island waited for more sheltered water to get it off the hook. The poor creature must have had the cleanest internals in the Atlantic after being pressure-washed for a short time at 10 knots!

After anchoring, a quick dip before lunch seemed like a good idea. At least until we arrived back at the ladder. Lined up were 3 trigger fish that proceeded to try attacking us. Like salty piranhas, these kept lunging until Annemarie hid behind the dinghy and I did the fastest exit on record. Albeit only about 10 inches/250mm in length, they seemed to have the mental attitude of their South American cousins and were out for blood.

Next morning, Richard went off for a big sea fishing trip (hopefully also learning how to deal with psychopathic cold-blooded killers) and the rest of us stayed out of the water. As we figured no-one would believe us, Annemarie ‘volunteered’ to jump off the back of the boat, camera in hand. Ok, an exaggeration, she was pushed by her daughter and handed the camera after!

Her pets soon found her, and after trying to take a few shots she exited the water like a ballistic missile from a submarine!

Never mind, we got some great shots from the safety of the dinghy….. (but sadly forgot to download them before we headed off 😦  ). By the next morning, the pirhanas really hyped up, attacking the dinghy and holding station within a few millimetres of the boarding ladder. Defeat conceded and we re-anchored over by Pigeon Island! (We still cannot believe we were chased away by 3 small fish!)

However Rich had a really BIG fish day when he went out for the 1st time on a game fishing boat, catching a 200lb marlin. After an hours battle to bring it to the side of the boat, it was released unharmed. Now he is just hoping his arms will someday shrink back to their original size!

Once more it was packing up time as we got ready to start the long haul flights back to Johannesburg for a few months. The real world beckons, but hopefully there will be the chance to do some more exploration on that continent……. 

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