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Grande Anse d’Arlet

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The snorkelling in and around this bay is dramatic. Amazing visibility coupled with majestic rock formations and lots of fish. Sadly on our swim back we found a large turtle that had drowned, snared in a tangle of ropes around the base of a mooring line. A tragic reminder of how man can impact wildlife.

What was meant to be a gentle stroll round to Petite Anse, the village in the next bay, via the headland turned into a goat track scramble over boulders to the top of the hill. (Having scored ‘unsatisfactory’ in the fitness stakes, I resolved to take more exercise….). Whilst the youngsters raced back over after a brief drink, we found a much simpler direct route back by road!

Meeting up with Ocean Rainbow for supper at a new restaurant, we were just settling in with the menus only to be told that their card machine was not yet working, so it had to be cash only. Even with pooled resources, this was looking like a bowl of soup between 6 or the washing up! However our imaginative hosts had an alternative, so shortly after supper Annemarie found herself on the back of a Vespa being chauffeured to the next village where there is an ATM. Her dignity was just intact despite her short summer dress 🙂

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