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A Matter of Timing…

They say timing is everything!

Arriving early evening in Fort de France, Martinique’s capital, we wandered ashore to investigate the music. Typical, we just climb out of the dinghy as it finishes! So the stroll turned into an early supper when we found a place serving galettes, the Normandy/Breton delicacy of buckwheat pancakes with savoury fillings.

Replete, we wandered on along the side of the park until we reached the public conveniences….

As soon as Kate exited, Annemarie dived in. No facility for mere mortals, this, and soon strange sounds were heard..

Apparently no soon enthroned than the toilet seat flipped up. Displaced by the sanitary ejector seat, nether regions then just avoided the chemical cleaning system, but the dastardly machine had not yet finished with her!

Stumbling around in a state of partial undress, the floor was then disinfected, as were her legs.

Delaying only long enough to attend to the original need, she was discharged from the cabin, dazed, sanitised and ready to receive sympathy, only to face hysterical laughter 🙂

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