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Seeing in the New Year


We sailed up to Marigot Bay (St Lucia) to see the New Year in with Ocean Rainbow at Chateau Mygo, one of the local waterfront restaurants. An excellent meal accompanied by a band of great musicians. Competing firework displays marked the start of 2015.

After a slow start that morning, we made our way to the airport to meet Kate & Rich, our daughter and her husband, for their 1st visit since we left the UK. The warm weather was a shock for them after the cold winter back home.

They were then exposed to shock of a different kind, the weekly Fish Friday jump-up at Gros Islet, Rodney Bay. A riot of a street party offering drinks of all kinds, food (strangely not that much fish), and other ‘stuff’. Some get carried away, like the Asian girl that gave the crowd a very overt sexual display without actually taking her clothes off!!! We stuck to the rum!

With stronger winds forecast for the next 4-5 days, the decision was taken to head up to Martinique. Truth be told, it was a bit of a rough and wet ride, and all were pleased to anchor off St Anne’s as the sun went down. Somehow we acquired a young German hitchhiker for this passage, on his way round the Caribbean. Once he dried out, he just wandered off barefoot with his rucksack, etc, into the streets of Le Marin.

Nothing happens quickly in St Anne, so gentle wanders and snorkelling on the reef passes the time very nicely…

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