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Christmas in Bequia

IMG_6966 (480x640) IMG_6979 (640x480)  This time, we had our act together! Last year, we had only just arrived from Europe, and we were still euphoric despite the rainstorms on Christmas Eve. But in 2014 we planned!

Thanks to some surprisingly well supplied shops, the combined endeavours of Claire and James (Ocean Rainbow) and us managed to come up with a traditional Christmas dinner, turkey with roast veg, pudding (and cake)! What a feast given the limited facilities on board. Really excellent, even if were missing our families.  IMG_6983 (640x480)IMG_6991 (480x640)

The little town put on an amazing light display for its size, complete with stage and nightly music.

A planned visit to St Vincent had to be abandoned as timings just did not work out. The main problem was being able to deal with the customs formalities during the holiday in a suitable location.

So the decision was taken to go straight up to Marigot Bay on St Lucia. Leaving at 3.00am was not a problem, but an hour later the wind completely died and we found ourselves with mutinous furling gear. After it went on strike, we had to work up at the bow in the dark to get the sail in. That then meant motoring for the next 55nm, (best part of 10 hours L ). The good news was that we found it had been caused by a slightly loose screw, so an easy 2 minute fix in daylight!

One comment on “Christmas in Bequia

  1. Manny
    January 5, 2015

    Happy New Year! A little worried by the pyromaniacal look on Annemarie’s face. Adult supervision with naked lights may be wise 🙂


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