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Taking a Cruise Ship Holiday in the Caribbean?

One of the more attractive cruise ships

One of the more attractive cruise ships

Forgive us some observations if you, dear reader, are one of the thousands that book a cruise on a ship in this part of the world. For you may be missing so much.

Watching passengers are ferried back and forth to the Mayreau beach, where drinks, a BBQ and water sports are all laid on, the 30m walk from jetty to the beach chairs is so much easier than the short walk up the steep hill. But they will never know just how nice the islanders are, nor what superb fish dishes they serve up. Not for them the gentle pleasure of just liming at a bar with anyone and everyone.

Easy it is, but sadly for the local people, passengers rarely spend a dollar on these islands.  Even the beach party is fed and watered with supplies ferried ashore from the ship. Being waited on hand and foot saves them from having to engage with lovely folk from a whole different way of life.

In the larger towns that the ships visit, the duty-free shops are conveniently laid out on the quayside thus ensuring that walking into town is an extra effort for most.

So easy to just stick with the familiar, or…

If only they would just turn into the town or village, smile and say good morning to all the folk they meet, were brave and entered the small bar and had a local juice or beer, and just chilled. They would be amazed at the warmth of their welcome. That fearsome-looking guy with the dreads probably just wants to know if they are enjoying his island. A few dollars spent in a local shop will open their eyes and ears to a great culture not found on the ship. Enjoy!

ps. Why would we mention this? Well as sailors, the local people are a major reason for coming here. We see how hard they work for a simple living, and it is so hard for them to see so many well-off folks walk ashore and yet not spend a single dollar in their communities. Please give them a chance!

One comment on “Taking a Cruise Ship Holiday in the Caribbean?

  1. Alison
    January 1, 2015

    Love reading your blog – you are certainly experiencing the ‘true flavour’ of the Caribbean. We wish you a very Happy New Year and a fantastic 2015.

    John and Alison xx 😃😃


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