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As we were packed ready to leave, our attention was drawn to a spot about 30m from where we were standing. A pack of wild dogs had huddled up for the night. It was a pretty amazing sight so close to where we had been sleeping! Wild dogs were hunted close to the point of extinction across southern Africa, and are only recently making an assisted come back. They look cute, but are successful pack animals and don’t bath enough!

Driving around, one has to be constantly on guard, as animals can just wander out from the side of the track. In the case of elephants and other large animals, it is often a case of just stopping, or even reversing, until they have wandered on.

SWIF – the acronym for checking out a water crossing before committing the car to it! Send Wife In First!

(Preferably when there are no crocodiles or hippos around!)

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