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Caribbean carnage in Carriacou, or what happens when…..

And it all started so well.....A local bar decides to have an ‘event’ For the first time, it held a happy hour, laid on a chicken supper and music.

Truth be told, we were a bit late and nearly missed Happy Hour, but we were just ok. We had arranged to meet up with Elwyn and Mo from Ishtar, good friends of James and Claire from Ocean Rainbow.

So anyway, no sooner had we sat down than we were offered some rum punch. Now usually this is just a mix of fruit juice, etc, with a splash of rum for flavour. This was a different animal, and the first sip rendered us speechless. 2 of these and I might as well pee into the outboard fuel tank and run the engine on it! Supper came and went, and the music played….. and then the effects started to be visible.

The first clue was the local lady the started to use one of the telegraph poles supporting the roof as a dance pole. Next there was a Dutch lady who’s husband gently tried to steer her towards the exit, and who also ended up clinging to a pole for support, and the band played on.

Four well-built local ladies were propping each up on the dance floor, and the dancing became ever less inhibited.

We retreated soon after for the safety of an adjacent bar for a coffee, but as we went, there was the sight of another couple engaged in a duel with their dinghy. The mate eventually had to be poured in, with the skipper performing a break dance as he tried to master the reluctant rubber rebel…….

The bar staff did concede the next day that they had imported a ‘special’ rum for the occasion, I suspect probably from somewhere like the Rivers distillery!

One comment on “Caribbean carnage in Carriacou, or what happens when…..

  1. Cherry
    November 30, 2014

    Hilarious story!!!


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