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Petite Martinique, Petite St Vincent, et al

For those who really want to escape it all.....

For those who really want to escape it all…..

From the heady heights of Carriacou, we had a couple of days at the micro level. At the top of the island, there are 2 much smaller ones. For the better-off, there is Petite St Vincent, now owned by an up-market hotel with an exclusive reputation. So that kept us out! Bizarrely, only about half-a-mile away, across a reef, there is Petite Martinique, (no sign of any French influence otherwise). Each island is in a separate part of the Grenadines, PSV being part of the north and PM being south. North and South are separate country groups! Helpfully there are no customs or immigration on either island, so technically you cannot travel between the two. Right! Fortunately a more pragmatic approach prevails.

PM whilst tiny is said to have the highest per capita income in the Eastern Caribbean, which says a lot for its 1,000 population! Minimalist in every sense, there are few shops but many bars! Having borrowed one of their moorings for the night, we ate at the Palm Beach, a small beach restaurant that serves superb fish. It was the first taste of barracuda for us, and it was way better than we had expected it to be.

The entrepreneurial approach was demonstrated by a young girl who on saying hello to us, rushed to one side and picked up a fallen coconut. She was quite disappointed when we declined to buy it from her, so she just dropped it on the ground!

IMG_6889 (640x480)Whilst we were there, the local supply boat came in. It was just a fishing boat, but was greeted by a chain of men unloading the supplies (mostly crates of beer it seemed) onto the dock. From there, it was all distributed by dumper trucks(!) to the supermarkets and bars. Whilst eating supper, one charged across the beach up to the kitchen, and even the bags of food and crates of beer we bought were delivered to the dock by this method! (Ok, I am going to pre-empt the comments! Our life is not a matter of staggering from one drink to the next, this is stocking up for the next few weeks including Christmas! And that is before Kate and Rich arrive…….)

The Local Delivery Truck!

The Local Delivery Truck!

But for those that really have to get away from it all, there is Morpion. A scrap of sand on a coral reef, it is only a few metres long, but has a thatched roof for a shaded aread. Not surprisingly, quite a number of yachts stop by for a swim here!

PS – 2 posts in one day, there must be good wifi again!

One comment on “Petite Martinique, Petite St Vincent, et al

  1. Lynn
    December 12, 2014

    Sounds like you are having a ball! You really need to take me with you next time, even just to carry the luggage or crates of beer!!!! Enjoy.


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