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Back on Board!

After the mad dash back to the UK a few weeks ago, life became a bit surreal. Aside from addressing the immediate crisis, it all felt a bit alien. To be … Continue reading

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Man plans – God Laughs

    Having settled at anchor in Bequia, and enjoying the looooong chill that is infectious there, the intended slow meander down the Grenadine islands evaporated with a single phone … Continue reading

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Having been in St Lucia for so many weeks, we were all to ready to make a move. So after a 03.00 start (only sailors would do this), we headed … Continue reading

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  A very Caribbean town with small streets filled with concrete and wooden buildings. The waterfront has been nicely laid out with flower beds and untypical features, but it is … Continue reading

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Fish Friday & Soufriere

After 10 days of enforced rest after the medical stuff, and desperate for a change of scenery, we had agreed to meet up with Ocean Rainbow for a return visit … Continue reading

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A Quick Pitstop…

  From Anse La Rey, we dropped into Marigot Bay for lunch. The usual slick teamwork when anchoring took a dip when there was a loud rattle and the full … Continue reading

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Just Cruisin’

Anse La Raye is known for its Friday night street parties. Music and fish barbecues adjacent to the beach, but few other comments are given. It makes for some apprehension when … Continue reading

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The Beat

No doubt you have all experienced a car passing, often driven by a youngster from a minority background. Side windows all down, and the front and rear screens flexing mightily … Continue reading

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The English & The French

  The West Indies in the 18th and 19th centuries were the scene of lively exchanges between the two nations. Ok, the Dutch occasionally came out to play, but they … Continue reading

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Snow, mothballs and granny trolleys….. Domestic life afloat!

As you may have gathered, buying and keeping food has been a bit of a learning curve, not least working out what some things are and how to cook/eat them. … Continue reading

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Lunch with a View!

Since we started out, our hope was that the best plan would be to have ‘no plan’ and to just take things as they come. So far it is working … Continue reading

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A Day in The Life of…….

Life is not all about swimming and sightseeing, the daily chores still need to be done and there is more maintenance needed on a boat when you live on it. … Continue reading

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One Week On….

Still in Martinique! We have been enjoying the snorkelling and the bays around Le Marin. It is oh so easy to settle into a pattern of shopping to food, doing … Continue reading

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Local Democracy

Ok, this is going to sound unlikely, but UK elections are pretty dreary but at least they are not too intrusive. Caribbean elections on the other hand…… It started on … Continue reading

March 15, 2014 · 1 Comment

A Quiet Rumble across Martinique

It is a question that is unlikely to have caused you to lose any sleep, but would rum have been dreamt up without slavery?  For rum is derived from sugar, … Continue reading

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Where now?

For various reasons, we turned South from Antigua giving Mervyn and Amanda a lift to Les Saintes. Trying to be correct, we stopped in Deshaies to clear in, but found … Continue reading

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Reflections on Antigua

From St John’s, a gentle drive took us to Fort St James, another monument to English determination to keep out Johnny foreigner, or more accurately our French competitors. Conservation and … Continue reading

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Arriving in Antigua was very special. It enabled us to take up a longstanding invitation from Mervyn and Amanda to visit them, and to berth in their private dock. Fellow Moody … Continue reading

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Ilet Pigeon & Deshaies

After nearly a week in Les Saintes, it was time to move on. This meant sailing north west to Guadeloupe its. There are few significant towns with harbours on this … Continue reading

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Les Saintes (Guadeloupe)

A small cluster of islands just to the south of Guadeloupe, they are an idyllic outpost of La France. Make no mistake that the French ‘departements’ are outposts rather than … Continue reading

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Dominican Wander

Not wanting to confine our exposure to the island to one or two ports, we hired a car for a day with Charlie and Kate. Forget Avis or Hertz, this … Continue reading

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St Pierre, Martinique

The islands in this part of the Caribbean are like acne on the surface of the earth. Volcanic in origin, the seemingly innocuous peaks have a nasty habit of coming … Continue reading

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The passage to Dominica was a challenging sail, thanks to the huge variances in wind speed and direction. If the incentive to meet up with Charlie & Kate in Portsmouth … Continue reading

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    At last we get to leave Marin! There were various teething bits to resolve with the fitting of the new engine, mainly to do with various electrical bits … Continue reading

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St Lucia Tragedy

Thanks to everyone who emailed, posted and phoned. The news of the attack on an English couple in Soufriere Bay came as a real shock to the boating community here. … Continue reading

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