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A Whistlestop Tour of South Africa – Part 2

A six hour trip took us to Birds of Eden, the largest aviary in the world, where you see everything from Macau’s to Flamingos to Fruit Bats flying free in … Continue reading

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A Whistlestop Tour of South Africa – Part 1

  When our Australian teacher friend, Wendy, asked if she could come and visit us in South Africa, the brief was broad – she wanted “to see as much as … Continue reading

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It is winter here in Johannesburg, and as I write the wind and rain is lashing the windows, we had hail earlier, there are snow warnings in the mountains, and … Continue reading

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Okavango Delta

  After yet another very early start, we drove up into the Okavango to stay in the Moremi reserve. The Third Bridge Camp is a very long way in, and … Continue reading

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A Trip to Botswana

  The close proximity of two public holidays, one for the local elections, gave us the opportunity to go and explore Africa some more.  Our nephew, Max, has joined us … Continue reading

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Pets and other critturs!

Staying in the same place for a few days helps one to make friends. A boat’s hull makes a great hiding place from local predators as they cannot see you … Continue reading

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Nature at its best…

There are dolphins,   and there are dolphins! At dusk off St Vincent, we were treated to a huge pod of these wonderful mammals, spread out over around half a mile. … Continue reading

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