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The One-Legged Army

One-Legged Army? Looking for somewhere different for a day out, a colleague suggested Parys, (pronounced Par-ace). Apparently named after Paris, the two places could not be more different. A quaint little … Continue reading

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Unusual Luggage, escaping dinghy, and best laid plans…

One of the perpetual challenges for cruisers is electrical power. We all get a bit paranoid about leaving the lights on, even if they are all LEDs now. Then there … Continue reading

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Where next – Marie Galante and beyond

Getting back on board seemed a bit strange for once. We were surprised by the number of things that had decided to stop working whilst we were absent, so it … Continue reading

December 3, 2015 · 1 Comment

Seasonal shift

A good time to bail out is when Johannesburg starts its rainy season. Having lived in the UK for most of our lives, we do not share the locals’ enthusiasm … Continue reading

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Its all been a bit hectic…

We have been rather quiet, so here is a bit of an update After a manic decommissioning of Freebooter in Grenada at the end of June, it was back to … Continue reading

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We were invited to a supper evening by friends from church. As it was not far away, no need for the satnav said Annemarie. The street was easy enough to … Continue reading

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Bully on our doorstep

  Anchored off Frigate Island, (part of Union Island), there was a very rare photo opportunity. Within a few feet of the boat, a brown booby had caught a fish … Continue reading

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Finding suitable words to describe this schizophrenic island is difficult. The eruption of the volcano in the late 1990s buried the capital under rivers of ash, burning everything combustible. The … Continue reading

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Visiting St Kitts

Only a few miles from Nevis, this island is part of the same former colony. The welcome could hardly have been better. Obliged to go into the tiny marina for … Continue reading

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We could not wait to escape St Lucia after having spent so much time in Rodney Bay last year. So almost as soon as Freebooter was lowered back into the … Continue reading

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The Murky World (or how to drop out)

What difference a few letters can make! If instead of typing to be bored rigid, try inserting instead. There you will be taken into an alternative world where … Continue reading

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After what seems like a very intense few months, our last weekend before heading back to Freebooter called for a local break. South Africa has many public holidays, almost always … Continue reading

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Xenophobia here in South Africa

A few words on the topic that has made world headlines. As ever, trying to find out the reality from the rumour and news headlines is not easy. What reportedly started … Continue reading

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Best Laid Plans………

My wonderful wife decided that we needed a break, and as Easter this year arrive close to my birthday, she made her plans for us to take a week away. … Continue reading

April 6, 2015 · 2 Comments

While the Man’s Away ……

……. (Girls and Horses!) South Africa is a long way to come to receive an invitation to Twickenham, particularly during the Six Nations…., but so it happened! Meetings were hastily arranged … Continue reading

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Diamonds are Forever…….

After a quick internet search for somewhere to go on a Sunday, a visit to Cullinan seemed like a good idea. The small town is situated around 25 kms East of … Continue reading

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Unfinished Business – Magliesberg Meander

Living in a city is an alien concept to us Westwoods, so we try to escape to the sticks when we can. On one such jaunt, we took the hire … Continue reading

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Up to Limpopo

  There are times when you just have to escape the city. One suggestion had been to head north-east up to the hills. It’s a bit of a hike along … Continue reading

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A Soggy Return

  Having torn ourselves away from the Caribbean, landing back in Johannesburg was a bit of a culture rather than temperature shock. (If you exclude 36 hours of shivering in … Continue reading

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  The line was trailed astern on the way back to St Lucia……and nothing happened. Then a twitch on the line and the scream of the reel, astonishingly when we … Continue reading

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Grande Anse d’Arlet

The snorkelling in and around this bay is dramatic. Amazing visibility coupled with majestic rock formations and lots of fish. Sadly on our swim back we found a large turtle … Continue reading

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A Matter of Timing…

They say timing is everything! Arriving early evening in Fort de France, Martinique’s capital, we wandered ashore to investigate the music. Typical, we just climb out of the dinghy as … Continue reading

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Seeing in the New Year

We sailed up to Marigot Bay (St Lucia) to see the New Year in with Ocean Rainbow at Chateau Mygo, one of the local waterfront restaurants. An excellent meal accompanied … Continue reading

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Christmas in Bequia

  This time, we had our act together! Last year, we had only just arrived from Europe, and we were still euphoric despite the rainstorms on Christmas Eve. But in … Continue reading

January 5, 2015 · 1 Comment

Taking a Cruise Ship Holiday in the Caribbean?

Forgive us some observations if you, dear reader, are one of the thousands that book a cruise on a ship in this part of the world. For you may be … Continue reading

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