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Union Island and Tobago Cays

Standing on the top of tiny Mayreau by the little church, one can look out over Union Island and Tobago Cays, our last stops. Union Island is not as small … Continue reading

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Petite Martinique, Petite St Vincent, et al

From the heady heights of Carriacou, we had a couple of days at the micro level. At the top of the island, there are 2 much smaller ones. For the … Continue reading

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Part of the southern Grenadines, Carriacou is a small delightful island that is free of overt colonial influence. Very Caribbean, it’s people are so friendly and welcoming. (Memory of the rum … Continue reading

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Caribbean carnage in Carriacou, or what happens when…..

A local bar decides to have an ‘event’ For the first time, it held a happy hour, laid on a chicken supper and music. Truth be told, we were a … Continue reading

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Rum and Chocolate

We heard of an island institution by way of a particular distillery, River Antoine, or just Rivers to the locals. A warning was given by the helpful chap replacing our … Continue reading

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A brief intro to Grenada……

 Grenada has a more colourful background than many of the islands, so let’s start with an instant history which will help explain some current observations. (NB such brevity risks distorting … Continue reading

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Do boats have an awkward streak?

The first law of boats is that if anything could go wrong, it probably will…. Conspiracy theorists would have a field day/week/lifetime, given that bits that are fine one moment … Continue reading

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Freebooter comes out of hibernation!

  After our 4 month stint in Johannesburg, it was great to head back to Grenada. Travelling light it was not, such that the absence of a working lift or … Continue reading

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Books, Bonnets and Pap

So what does a kept woman do while the breadwinner is slaving away? Did you REALLY think I could do nothing all day except shop, drink coffee and walk dachshunds? … Continue reading

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Ramblings of a Kept Woman

Having earned an honest living for so many years, it was a bit of a shock to accept my new status!  Abandoned in the UK for two months whilst Steve wandered … Continue reading

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Bush break

For another weekend off, we drove back up to Madikwe, a game reserve on the border with Botswana. This was the same lodge we visited last year, so no need … Continue reading

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Victoria Falls

   Time to be tourists and take a break from work via a British Airways flight to Zimbabwe! (Actually I thought that relations between that country’s Government and Britain was … Continue reading

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Hennops Trail

    Just outside Johannesburg, there is quite a well-known 4×4 playground in the bush. Having had a quick pitstop to replace a badly squeaking prop-shaft joint after Lesotho, and with … Continue reading

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…….and down again!

  So leaving Oxbow early it was again long climbs up the passes, first Moteng and then Molomong. At this time of morning, it was so cold at their peaks of … Continue reading

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     The start of Day 3 of the trip was a rude awakening. Daniel spotted a leak with a pool of liquid under the Landy. At 7 in the … Continue reading

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Unfinished business & the 1st Outing for the Landy

After a flying visit to Makro to get a basic toolkit, we hit the road south towards Durban. Curiosity took us off the highway at Harrismith to see if the … Continue reading

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A Fleeting Visit… and already looking to escape!

After 2 months down in Johannesburg on my own, I was so looking forward to seeing Annemarie again! Heading back to the UK for a couple of weeks would allow … Continue reading

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Nairobi – Forgive me if you have been here, but….

      Nairobi is different! Flying in past the magnificent Mount Kilimanjaro from South Africa, you sort of expect something fairly similar to the cities there. Wrong! Nothing had quite … Continue reading

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Bush Wheels

  Here in the urban jungle there roam many herds of BMWs and Mercedes interspersed with various lesser breeds. Aside from the hoards of ubiquitous Toyata minibuses, or Chinese knock-off … Continue reading

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Did the Earth Move for You Too?

  Struggling manfully to cope again with work, it was in the middle of a necessary, but dull, meeting that the shaking began. After the séance-like questions of ‘is that you … Continue reading

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A Big Impact!

       Take one bit of rock, hurl it at the ground, and what do you get? A huge hole if the rock is big enough and comes from outer space! … Continue reading

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It all seems so very far away……

     To think that it was only 2 weeks ago that we said goodbye to Freebooter for the summer, and started the long journey back to the UK! It … Continue reading

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A Caribbean-style journey

In case I had forgotten to mention it, life runs at a different pace in the Caribbean. The journey back started with the failure of the online check-in system. After … Continue reading

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Into Prickly Bay, and out of the water

There is something about the sea that undermines the ability of man to create anything enduring. Nowhere is it more true than for boats. As we start the great preparation … Continue reading

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Underwater Art

, After a slow start, (thanks to the excellent hospitality on board Ocean Rainbow the night before), we took off in the dinghy with Claire and James to snorkel in … Continue reading

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